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October 4, 2010

Road Songs: Night Train

Night Train by Brown Recluse

This song stands at number one in my traveling playlist. (Click on the song title to give it a listen.) That doesn’t necessarily make it my favorite song, but it makes it my favorite for starting a new trip. It’s cheery and sweet without being obnoxious or overtly sugary. It’s simple and lovely.

When I first heard it, I honestly couldn’t help but bob my head along to the opening bass line. I’m already smiling like an idiot by the time the piano and horns come in. The first time it came on while I was in a car, everything that was happening on the other side of the window seemed to perfectly match up to the music. Bike riders, trees, birds, other cars, traffic cones, everything. It gives a sunshiny day a natural soundtrack, and makes rain days a little brighter. That’s how impossible it is not to imagine good things happening to this song, and that’s exactly what I want when I’m going some place new.

(WARNING: According to Google Instant, Brown Recluse is a spider, and for some reason, there’s 929 video results on the internet. Do not, do not, do not click on brown recluse spider images. Your eyes will hate you. Luckily, this hasn’t deterred me from liking Brown Recluse the band, but I can’t say the same about Google.)