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September 27, 2010

Flashback: Miracle Fortress

Poetaster by Miracle Fortress

After I graduated high school, my friends and I went on a one month backpacking tour of Southern Europe. Starting in Istanbul, we took a train to Athens, but suffered a minor setback when my best friend was asked by Greek border patrol to kindly return to Turkey. It was 3 am, and the official noticed that her visa wasn’t valid for another 24 hours. As reasonable as any border patrolman can be when dealing with an 18 year-old girl at 3 am in the middle of nowhere, he told her to get off this train at once, stand on the opposite platform, next to a¬†tack board¬†plastered with Missing Persons posters, and wait for the next train to take her back to Turkey. No amount of in-plain-sight money counting or wink-winking could convince this guy to just let her stay in Greece. Our friend accompanied her back and they caught a flight to Athens the next day, meeting the rest of us at the Acropolis, where I was contracting a violent case of food poisoning.

Leaving Athens, we took a ferry to the tiny island of Corfu where we had the glorious sun-burnt beach vacation we all desperately needed. (My best friend almost experienced another immigration complication when a few people in our group wanted to go to take a boat to Albania for the day. Luckily the kind ferryman informed her beforehand that her EU visa was only single-entry and should she enter Albania, she would be forbidden to return to Corfu.) From Corfu, we left Greece and took a ferry to Serranto, Italy, which is when I took this picture.

It was an overnight ferry that was scheduled to leave Corfu at 6.30 pm and actually left at 11.45. We couldn’t afford a cabin, so instead we made ourselves comfortable on the deck, on top of our luggage, wearing every long-sleeved long-trousered piece of clothing we had packed. It was freezing, but we tried to get some sleep. I woke up around 4 or 5ish in the morning, put on my iPod and watched the sunrise. The sky turned that shade of pink the moment “Poetaster” by Miracle Fortress came on. It couldn’t have been timed better. I might have actually shaken my head because it was too perfect. It has that new beginnings, everything’s going to be okay, we’re heading into the unknown and it’s awesome feeling to it. It’s ideal for a sunrise.

I put this song on whenever I get on a plane, too, but it doesn’t have the same effect as when you’re watching the sunrise from the deck of a Greek ferry as your friends are lying all around you approaching hypothermia. That’s magic you can’t fake.