An introduction

My name is Sarah and I created this blog to share travel stories inspired by music, and vice versa. Having boarded my first plane at the age of one, and hopped on the majority of imaginable modes of transportation since then, I’ve found that the one thing most travelers can agree on is that a journey is always better to a soundtrack. Whether you’re traveling across the country to attend a concert, making the perfect road trip mix or wandering through a new city with your iPod, the right tune can drastically affect how you remember that place.

I am currently earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Writing, Literature & Publishing in Boston. Right now I’m working on a project on Mariana Ruiz, a young musician, by chronicling the production of her first music video.

Enrolled at Berklee College of Music this semester on a full-ride scholarship, Mariana plays the piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and a ukulele she has lovingly named “Melinda.” For the past year, she also played the accordion on stage touring with Julieta Venegas. Mariana, stage alias Marian Ruzzi (memorize it), is ready to be recognized for her own music.


One Comment to “About”

  1. am just exploring the blog, which I can’t do at home; great stuff!

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